Digital Awareness & Safety for our Kids, Parent Workshop

How to Keep Our Kids Safe & Kind On Their Devices

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Do you know how your kid uses their device? From social media to online gaming and everything else our teens have at their fingertips, knowing what they're exposed to might surprise you. In this workshop, we will breakdown the different apps out there and how to keep our kids safe from trolls, cyberbullying, FOMO, hashtags and cyber stranger danger. Instead of throwing in the towel, let me help you navigate the cyber world our teens are living in.

Part 1: Favorites & what to watch for

Part 2: Setting up privacy settings & safety tools

Part 3: Educating our teens to be safe & kind on their devices


  1. Extensive list of Apps & what you need to know
  2. Social media & cyber safety health checklist
  3. Springboard discussion questions
  4. Parent - child smartphone agreement

Bonus Materials

Now What & Action Steps
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Your Instructor

Bree Jensen
Bree Jensen

Bree Jensen is the founder of Let's Talk Teens (LetsTalkTeens.com), a place parents and teens can go to find resources and tools to navigate the modern world we are living in. Bree is a youth advocate, speaker, coach, consultant, mom of four including a teen, who has spent the last 16 years helping families, schools, and communities across the country navigate the ups and downs of the teen years.

Covering topics like social media and cyber-safety, grief, peer relationships, family resilience and more, she helps normalize the inevitable struggles of growing up in the modern world. A field reporter for GCTV for six seasons, Bree has been featured in USA Today, writes for FamilyCircle.com and appears regularly on New Day Northwest King 5 (Seattle’s NBC affiliate), Good Morning San Diego, Fox Q13, and various radio and podcasts to talk about teen life. Bree is also a speaker for the leading school assembly program Rachel’s Challenge and the teen helping teens hotline Teen Line.

"Kacee has trained and presented to over 70,000 students and adults in live settings. Her passion, expertise and understanding of teens and teen issues makes her a compelling and engaging story-teller and effective change-maker. She is an amazing addition to any team, program or process involving youth. I recommend her highly and will continue to work with her for programs involving students, especially teenagers."

-Sarah Branion

Consultant, Nonprofit Management, Rachel’s Challenge

"When you're a teenager you want to feel connected to something whether it be positive or negative. Kacee helped pave my path towards positive thoughts and actions. Her understanding, empathy, and positivity helped guide me through the very vulnerable years in my life. "

-McKayla Flo

Mentored (Coached) by Kacee

“In today's current social climate, Teenagers have a lot to navigate through and around, they have barriers blocking their progress daily. One of those barriers is communication - they're losing the ability to effectively speak to one another and authority. I'm so excited about Let's Talk Teens because this is a subject matter that deserves our attention, they are our future leaders! And Kacee has the experience, heart and knowledge to get the conversation started. So let's start talking!”

-Yolanda Robinson

Rachel’s Challenge Presenter, Youth Mentor

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